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Baby and child bamboo tableware

Baby and child crockery in bamboo fibre

Bamboo tableware: baby and children's set, glass, cutlery, plate, lily the kitten and gigi the giraffe

Children's bamboo tableware, perfect to offer as a baby gift!

Discover the baby and child bamboo fibre tableware from the Happy Friends collection. It will be perfect for the little ones' meals! Composed of baby / kid sets and children lunchboxes, enjoy the Gigi the Giraffe and Lily the Kitten themes illustrated with adorable animals. This children's tableware is a great idea for a baby gift: it will delight all parents and amaze baby!

Opt for children's crockery sets: adorable lunchboxes and baby lunchset

Baby lunch set
This baby lunch set includes everything you need for a baby's first meals: a slightly hollow plate so that baby's meal doesn't end up on the table, a bowl for his mashed potatoes, a glass and cutlery with rounded ends so that he doesn't hurt himself while eating. Baby is curious and likes to have fun with everything around him, that's why this bamboo fibre baby dishware is particularly light and strong. Feast baby in complete safety, with this crockery with rounded edges. These meal sets are also perfect to offer as a baby gift: they come in a very pretty box!

Children lunchbox
Easy to slip into a child's school bag, the "Happy Friends" bamboo fibre lunchboxes are handy to put your snacks to take to school, for the break. Light and solid, they will be easy to carry in his school bag. No risk of leakage thanks to its small elastic band! With their adorable illustrations of animals, your child will be delighted to eat in his own little lunchbox!

Eco-responsible tableware
This tableware is made of bamboo fiber, which makes it ecological and biodegradable. Light and resistant to bacteria, it is a good alternative to plastic dishes. Make a gesture for the planet while protecting your health, because it is guaranteed BPA-free and is compliant with European food standards. Bamboo tableware is easy to clean, dishwasher safe but not microwave or oven safe. Bamboo is a non-porous material, so it retains no taste or smell and remains soft to the touch.
Children's bamboo fibre lunchbox – "Gigi the Giraffe"
The eco-friendly lunchbox to slip into the binders for the little ones, is the essential accessory for a snack or a picnic

Eco-friendly and beautifully decorated

Hight quality bamboo tableware

14.90 €(£ 12.55)
(-40.00%) 8.94 €(£ 7.53)
Kid set - "Lily the Kitten"
An adorable eco-friendly baby lunch set / kid set consisting of a plate, bowl, glass, fork and spoon with rounded ends

Perfect for first meals

Standards to safeguard your health: BPA-free and PVC-free

16.90 €(£ 14.24)
(-40.00%) 10.14 €(£ 8.54)
Children's lunchbox – "Lily the Kitten"
The eco-friendly lunchbox for kids to slip into the binders, is the essential accessory for a snack or a picnic

Eco-friendly and beautifully decorated

High quality tableware for kids

14.90 €(£ 12.55)
(-40.00%) 8.94 €(£ 7.53)