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Bamboo bowl and salad bowl

Bamboo fibre bowls and large salad bowls

Bamboo crockery: salad bowl with field flowers, glass bowl and oval dish

Opt for large salad bowls and bowls with colorful designs.

For colorful table settings, enjoy our large bamboo fibre bowls and salad bowls with elegant and shimmering designs. Use this bamboo dinnerware for your summer meals outdoors, or indoors in colder weather to bring cheerfulness to your tables. These bowls and salad bowls are available in several themes: Wildflowers and Parrots ! Opt for eco-responsible dishes made from materials such as bamboo fibre!

Eco-responsible: Discover our large bamboo fibre bowls and salad bowls

Large salads bowls
Use the bamboo fibre salad bowl to serve your mixed salads, fruit salads, pasta or to put fresh fruits and vegetables in it. Arranged in the middle of a table, these large bamboo salad bowls will instantly sublimate your tables. During your evenings with friends, you can also use the large 4L bamboo salad bowls as a punch bowl and other cocktails. Add a touch of charm and cheerfulness to your table presentations with these beautiful bamboo salad bowls printed with pretty colorful patterns.
Sold in sets of 4, our bamboo fibre bowls will serve you hot and cold drinks for breakfast or soup for dinner. They are also very practical for your aperitifs. You will be able to put your appetizers or your sauces there. With its colorful patterns, these bowls will dazzle all your guests and add cheerfulness to your meals.
Eco-responsible tableware
This tableware is made of bamboo fiber, which makes it ecological and biodegradable. Light and resistant to bacteria, it is a good alternative to plastic dishes. Make a gesture for the planet while protecting your health, because it is guaranteed BPA-free and is compliant with European food standards. Bamboo tableware is easy to clean, dishwasher safe but not microwave or oven safe. Bamboo is a non-porous material, so it retains no taste or smell and remains soft to the touch.
Bamboo bowls Ø 15 cm - set of 4 - "Wildflowers"
Set of 4 ecological bamboo bowls "Wildflowers"

Perfect for your soups or to put sauces or appetizers

Eco-friendly and beautifully decorated

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