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Bamboo lunchbox and conservation boxe with lid

Bamboo Fibre food preservation Boxes and Wheat Fiber Lunchbox

Bamboo crockery: three boxes of ecological preservation

Food preservation boxes and lunchbox to put your meals in !

Discover sets of preservation boxes and lunchbox, practical to transport your dishes and keep them in the fridge! Preservation boxes are sold in sets of 3 and available in two original and colorful themes: Wildflowers and Parrots. The wheat fibre lunchbox is offered in a single, sleek and modern design. Eco-responsible, light and solid, you will be able to easily carry your containers with you, for example during your camping and glamping chic vacation or your picnic days.

Eco-responsible: Discover our bamboo fiber storage boxes and wheat fiber lunchboxes !

Set of 3 conservation boxes
To store your dishes in the refrigerator or to transport your food on your picnic days, opt for our sets of 3 bamboo fibre storage boxes with lids! Easy to store, with their 3 different sizes (15 cm, 16.5 cm and 19 cm in diameter), you can fit them into each other, so they will take up less space in your cupboards. Eco-responsible, light and solid, you can easily carry them with you, for example during your camping and glamping chic vacations. No risk of leakage either, thanks to their polyethylene lids. These sets of 3 storage boxes with their beautiful and colorful designs are different from traditional containers, which are usually sober and without any particular design!
Carry your dishes with this wheat fiber lunchbox with its bamboo lid! This lunchbox of H: 6.5 cm / 19.5x12 cm is big enough to put your lunch snacks for work or for your picnics. Practical and sturdy, thanks to its hermetic bamboo lid and its elastic band, there will be no risk of leakage. Made of wheat fibre, it can be microwaved by removing its bamboo lid. Its modern and pure design will remind you of its natural side.
Eco-responsible tableware
This tableware is made of bamboo fibre, which makes it ecological and biodegradable. Light and resistant to bacteria, it is a good alternative to plastic dishes. Make a gesture for the planet while protecting your health, because it is guaranteed BPA-free and is compliant with European food standards. Bamboo tableware is easy to clean, dishwasher safe but not microwave or oven safe. Bamboo is a non-porous material, so it retains no taste or smell and remains soft to the touch.
Lunchbox / Wheat fibre mobile lunch box with hermetically sealed bamboo lid
Biodegradable lunchbox, soft to the touch

Carry your meals with a gesture for the environment

 Goes in the microwave 

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