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Bamboo tableware - "Wildflowers" theme

A complete set of bamboo tableware: plates, bowls, salad bowls, trays, dishes...

Bamboo crockery: field flowers theme, salad bowl, small plate, large plate, storage boxes, round tray, bowl, glass and oval dish
Bamboo tableware: a table service as beautiful as it is eco-friendly
Les Jardins de la Comtesse are innovating for 2021 and are launching their first collection of ecological and sustainable bamboo tableware as part of the Green&ART collection. This durable tableware is made of bamboo fibre, an eco-sustainable material that is lightweight and decorated with modern, colourful designs. It has been designed with quality materials that meet all food standards. You will find a complete table service: plates, bowls, glasses, salad bowls, dishes, trays, lunchboxes, storage boxes...
Complete table service for young and old
Discover a complete bamboo tableware set, to set up beautiful tables!

The bamboo tableware designed by Les Jardins de la Comtesse is perfect for all occasions. Contrary to what one might think of bamboo, this tableware stands out because of its original design, but also because of its bright and shimmering colours.
This collection has 2 different themes:
- The "Field Flowers" theme: with its flowery patterns, this bamboo tableware is ideal if you are looking for a country and bohemian table presentation. With its flowery motifs it will transport you to the heart of the spring bloom.
- The "Parrots" theme: This bamboo tableware is designed to make you travel. You will be able to admire on it magnificent parrots patterns in the heart of a tropical vegetation.
Whether it is bamboo plates, presentation dishes of various shapes, a salad bowl to highlight your salads, or glasses sold by 4, you will find in these two themes all you need to make complete table presentations.

Fall in love with the bamboo tableware for children, from the Happy Friends collection!

For baby's first meals, discover in this collection adorable bamboo baby meal boxes and bamboo baby lunchboxes. Illustrated with friendly animals, this bamboo dinnerware will delight parents and amaze baby.
This bamboo baby dinnerware has two themes:
- Lily the Kitten: illustrated with adorable forest animals, this dinnerware is pink for the meals of pretty little girls 
- Gigi the Giraffe: this yellow lunchbox decorated with Gigi the giraffe, accompanied by her friends Leo the Leopard and Titou the Toucan, is ideal for little ones' meals.
The bamboo lunchbox will accompany each child during their snack at playtime 
To please baby and his parents, this bamboo tableware is ideal to offer as a baby gift.

Eco-responsible tableware

This tableware is made from bamboo fibre, which makes it environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Lightweight and resistant to bacteria, it is a good alternative to plastic tableware. Do something for the planet while protecting your health, as it is guaranteed BPA-free and meets European food standards. Bamboo tableware is easy to clean, dishwasher safe but not microwave or oven safe. Bamboo is a non-porous material, so it retains neither taste nor smell and remains soft to the touch.
Bamboo bowls Ø 15 cm - set of 4 - "Wildflowers"
Set of 4 ecological bamboo bowls "Wildflowers"

Perfect for your soups or to put sauces or appetizers

Eco-friendly and beautifully decorated

19.00 €(£ 16.01)
(-40.00%) 11.40 €(£ 9.61)
Round bamboo serving tray with handles - "Wildflowers"
Round serving tray with handles, made of bamboo fibre

Present your dishes beautifully and be kind to the planet at the same time!

Standards to safeguard your health: BPA-free and PVC-free

18.75 €(£ 15.80)
(-40.00%) 11.25 €(£ 9.48)
Oval presentation plate - "Wildflowers"
Oval presentation dish, made of bamboo fibre

Present your dishes beautifully and be kind to the planet at the same time!

Bamboo tableware that is dishwasher-safe

11.50 €(£ 9.69)
(-40.00%) 6.90 €(£ 5.81)
Round presentation plate Ø 35 cm - "Wildflowers"
Round presentation dish in ecological and resistant bamboo

Present your dishes beautifully and be kind to the planet at the same time!

Bamboo tableware that is dishwasher-safe

12.90 €(£ 10.87)
(-40.00%) 7.74 €(£ 6.52)
Isothermal mug / Bamboo Thermos - Stainless steel interior - "Wildflowers"
Ecological and nicely decorated isothermal mug - "Wildflowers" theme

Take your hot drinks everywhere with you, with this magnificent isothermal bamboo flask

Eco-friendly and beautifully decorated

14.90 €(£ 12.55)
(-40.00%) 8.94 €(£ 7.53)