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Dinner plate in tempered glass, black, 24.5 cm - Jungle

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Dinner plate in tempered glass, black, 24.5 cm - Jungle
  • Dinner plate in tempered glass, black, 24.5 cm - Jungle
  • Dinner plate in tempered glass, black, 24.5 cm - Jungle
  • Dinner plate in tempered glass, black, 24.5 cm - Jungle
  1. #Description#
    Want a more colorful and original table? This dinner plate is for you!
    Made of tempered glass, this large plate has a very original Jungle pattern, and is designed in France. Its black background makes an impression and brings a touch of chic to any table. 

    With its refined tropical Jungle pattern, this dinner plate will take you on an excursion through a jungle populated by wild animals. This large, shock-resistant black plate has bright, shimmering colors that will not fade over time and will give your table a unique theme.
    Made of glass, this plate is therefore recyclable and eco-friendly for the environment. Les Jardins de la Comtesse take into consideration the environmental impact by using ecological inks in their designs that respect our environment.

    Choose 100% hygienic dishes! Glass is a non-porous material, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and makes it a healthy choice for tableware. Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful plate or glass dish, and forget about fragility! This tempered glass dinner plate will meet all your needs!

    For elegant tables or more everyday use, this black plate is four to five times more resistant to shocks than a classic glass plate. Perfect for stylish tables or for everyday use with family or friends, indoors or outdoors!
    Don't worry about knocks, scratches or pattern wear! The plate will keep its bright, shiny appearance from the first day. This large plate in tempered glass is easy to clean in the dishwasher in eco mode (50 max) or hand wash to keep colours bright, and can be used in the microwave and oven.

    This plate is also available in two more sizes to complete your service: a dessert plate of 19.5 cm and a large plate of 29.5 cm. 
    This large Jungle tempered glass plate can be matched with the plates, trays and salad bowls from the MelARTmine Jungle collection.
    Composition : 100% glass
    Size : 24.5 cm
    Weight : 480 g
  2. #Advantages of tempered glass#
    Tempered or "Securit" glass is glass resulting from an operation to improve its strength. A classic tempered glass is three to four times stronger than regular glass. The tempered glass of Les Jardins de la Comtesse is not just three to four times stronger, but thanks to a process resulting from the windshield manufacturing industry, it is four to six times stronger than ordinary glass!
    Tempered glass retains the aesthetic properties of glass with all its brilliance and transparency! Like glass, it has a smooth touch. Shock-resistant and easy to care for, tempered glass is dishwasher (eco mode only)-, oven- and microwave-safe. It is therefore ideal for everyday use.

    Very eco-friendly, tempered glass contains no lead or chrome and is recyclable. The designs of Les Jardins de la Comtesse tempered glass plates are produced with environmentally friendly inks, making them harmless to the environment. Tempered glass is a non-porous material. It is therefore completely hygienic, as bacteria cannot grow on it. It does not stain because the glass does not retain the material.
    With a thickness of 0.4mm, Les Jardins de la Comtesse tempered glass plates last over time! A durable alternative to porcelain or ceramic crockery that chips and breaks easily. 
    Tempered glass is also safety glass! In fact, when it breaks, it breaks into small, blunt fragments. 
    In summary: 
    Resists shocks (four to six times stronger than conventional glass and one to two times stronger than ordinary tempered glass)
    Complies with European food standards
    Can be used in microwave and oven
    Dishwasher safe in eco mode (50 max) or hand wash to keep colours bright
      Scratch-resistant pattern
    Easy to maintain
    100% hygienic (non-porous glass: no development of bacteria)
    100% recyclable
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