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Octagonal Serving Dish - Bamboo-effect rim - 100% melamine - 40,5 cm - Bali's Monkeys

(Code: MJ-08POB)
£ 17.00
Octagonal Serving Dish - Bamboo-effect rim - 100% melamine - 40,5 cm - Bali's Monkeys
  1. #Description#
    Why not add a new favourite serving dish to your collection? Our large octagonal serving dish with its jungle-inspired, mischievous monkey design will whisk you away to Bali every time it comes out the cupboard! Capitvate your guests, and give your table some tropical island colour with this unique serving dish.

    This large melamine serving dish is ultra-durable, so there’s no need to worry about cracks or breakages! This serving dish is the perfect way to present your barbecued meats, cheese boards, fruit selections or desserts.

    All the products from the Bali dinner service collection are dishwasher safe. The whole set includes: small and large dinner plates, salad bowls, various serving dishes, trays, salad servers and a set of aperitif bowls.

    For an added dash of colour, why not mix your Bali tableware with our red and green bowls from the United Colors range?

    • Size: 40.5cm x 27.5cm
    • Weight: 480g
  2. #What is melamine ?#
    Melamine is a thermosetting resin that is known for being easy to look after and for its very high shock resistance. In the "MelARTmine” collection, melamine is worked in its pure state and in thickness to give it the appearance of ceramic. It is thanks to this technique, that this feel of quality and these exceptional colours are obtained.

    Furthermore, as its resistance makes it a long-lasting material, melamine is effectively the best alternative to disposable crockery, china or ceramic which all break and crack easily.

    • Respects food standards
    • Is dishwasher safe
    • Is not microwave or regular oven safe (>70°)
    • Does not crack
    • Is shock resistant
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