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"Parrots of Bahia" theme - crockery in melamine

Melamine crockery, theme Parrots of Bahia

Photo of the melamine collection theme parrots of bahia : plates, tray, dish...

Complete collection of melamine tableware with colourful designs

The "Parrots of Bahia" theme is part of our pure melamine dinnerware line: MelARTmine Collection. With its modern design and colorful patterns, this collection is sure to please!

Decorated with multicolored parrots and exotic flowers on an orange gradient, this range will take you to the heart of the Tropics. Our « Parrots of Bahia » melamine collection is made of pure melamine and is therefore guaranteed BPA free. Melamine is an almost unbreakable material, so you don't take the risk of damaging or breaking your dishes. Easy to maintain, the melamine dishes are dishwasher safe in eco mode.

You will find in our Perroquets de Bahia collection plates (flat and deep) of different sizes, salad bowls, salad servers, bowls and trays of different sizes.

Small dessert plate in melamine - Ø 23 cm - Parrots of Bahia
Small, almost unbreakable dessert plate in melamine

 This plate will add colour to your tables

 Size: 23 cm diameter

9.90 €(£ 8.53)
Large dinner plate in melamine - Ø 28 cm - Parrots of Bahia
Large, almost unbreakable dinner plate

 These plates are perfect for presenting your dishes

 Size: 28 cm diameter

11.50 €(£ 9.91)
Large salad bowl in melamine - Ø 31 cm - Parrots of Bahia
Large salad bowl in melamine with interior and exterior decoration

 Serve and present your salads in this beautiful salad bowl with parrot designs

 Dimensions: 31 cm diameter and 9.5 cm height

31.50 €(£ 27.15)
Pure salad servers in melamine - 33 cm - Parrots of Bahia
Set of salad cutters (fork and spoon) "Bahia Parrots" theme

 Made of impact-resistant melamine. To be combined with the salad bowl of the same theme

 Dimension: 33 cm

12.90 €(£ 11.12)
Round serving dish in melamine - Ø 35,5 cm - Parrots of Bahia
This beautiful round serving dish is made of quality melamine

- Shock resistant, this round dish is perfect for presenting your cakes

- Dimensions: 35.5 cm diameter

19.50 €(£ 16.81)
Deep salad bowl in melamine - Ø 25 cm - Parrots of Bahia
Beautiful deep melamine salad bowl impact resistant

- Interior and exterior design

- Dimensions: 25 cm diameter and 11 cm height

29.90 €(£ 25.77)
Large tray with handles in melamine - 50 cm - Parrots of Bahia
Large serving tray with handles in the "Bahia Parrots" theme, perfect for your appetizers

- 100% melamine and impact resistant, it is ideal for serving your guests

- Dimensions: 50 x 36 x 5

33.50 €(£ 28.88)
Long cake dish in melamine - 37,5 cm - Parrots of Bahia
Long cake plate adorned with pretty, colorful parrots

- A virtually unbreakable melamine plate that is dishwasher safe and

- Size: 37.5 x 17 cm

13.90 €(£ 11.98)
Small bowl in melamine - Ø 15 cm- Parrots of Bahia
Small bowl 100% melamine guaranteed BPA free, "parrot" design inside and out

 Perfect for your hot drinks, appetizers and sauces

Dimensions: 15 cm diameter and 7 cm height

11.90 €(£ 10.26)
Soup - Pasta plate in melamine - Ø 20 cm - Parrots of Bahia
Soup plate in melamine pure "Bahia Parrots" theme

- Solid and to current food standards

- Dimensions: 20 cm diameter and 4.5 cm high

11.50 €(£ 9.91)
Placemat (40 x 30 cm) set of 6 - Parrots of Bahia theme
Colorful placemat with tropical motifs

Ideal to protect your table or tablecloth from stains

Size : 40 x 30 cm

Sold by 6

39.90 €(£ 34.39)