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Plates in tempered glass Jungle theme

Tempered glass plate, JUNGLE theme 

Plates in tempered glass with black background : animals invite themselves to the table !
Les Jardins de la Comtesse innovates this year by offering you its new Green & ART collection of 100% tempered glass plates.
The tempered glass plates are perfect for chic meals to liven up your daily life ! To start this new collection we have chosen our star theme, Jungle theme. These patterns feature wild animals in their natural environment.

For more visual effects our plates are stackable.
They are available in 3 sizes :
  • the small plate that will showcase your most beautiful desserts...
  • the ideal medium plate for your best culinary achievements 
  • the large plate or tray that will enhance your appetizers
Small plate / dessert plate in tempered glass, black, 19.5 cm - Jungle
A tempered glass dessert plate

Excellent quality / shock resistant

Dimensions: 19.5 cm in diameter

6.50 €(£ 5.74)
(-30.00%) 4.55 €(£ 4.02)
Dinner plate in tempered glass, black, 24.5 cm - Jungle
Beautiful design tempered glass plate for your meals

Shock resistant dinner plate

Dimensions: 24.5 cm in diameter

7.95 €(£ 7.02)
(-30.00%) 5.57 €(£ 4.92)
Large dinner plate / round dish in tempered glass, black, 29.5 cm - Jungle
Dish / large plate in tempered glass

Black plate with very bright jungle pattern

Dimensions: 29.5 cm diameter

9.95 €(£ 8.79)
(-30.00%) 6.97 €(£ 6.16)