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"Llamas" theme - crockery in melamine

Unbreakable melamine crockery - Llamas

A collection of original and design melamine tableware, Llamas theme

Melamine tableware, theme Flames: salad bowl, plate

The theme "Llamas" is part of our range of pure melamine tableware: The MelARTmine Collection.

A unbreakable melamine tableware with cactus and llamas to add a touch of color to your meals!

You can mix our theme "Llamas" with our theme "United Colors"!

A range of tableware in ultra-resistant melamine. Products perfect for summer! Dishes, trays, salad bowl, salad cutlery and appetizer set ...

Salad Servers - 100% melamine - 33 cm - Llamas
Salad servers - serving fork and spoon - with a trendy Llamas print

They will be very great for serving your guests

Complement of the salad bowls and dishes of the theme Llamas - Size : 33 cm

£ 11.00
Round Serving Dish - Bamboo-effect rim - 100% melamine - 35,5 cm - Llamas
A presentation dish with Llama patterns

This dish will be perfect to highlight your cheeses or your charcuterie

Dimension : 35,5 cm in diameter

£ 15.50
Deep Salad Bowl - 100% melamine - 25 cm - Llamas
A large hollow bowl printed inside and outside

This salad bowl has a ceramic aspect and it's solid and resistant

Dimensions : 25 cm in diameter and 7 cm high

£ 24.00
Large Rectangular Serving Tray - Bamboo-effect rim - 50 cm - Llamas
A serving tray in large size with his reinforced handles

You won't have any problem to transport your crockery or cutlery from a point at another

Dimensions : 50 cm x 36 cm x 5 cm

£ 27.00
Three-Bowl Aperitif Set with bamboo - effect handle - 100% melamine - 23 cm - Llamas
 3 small bowls with a bamboo- effect handle

Perfect to dress up your salty biscuits, peanuts, and olives during an aperitif.

Decorated with adorable Llamas - Each bowl is 11,5 cm in diameter and 6 cm tall

£ 18.00
Long Rectangular Cake Dish - 100% melamine - 37,5 cm - Llamas
A great cake dish

With great Tropical Birds motifs

Solid and soft ceramic aspect without its fragility

Size 37,5 cm by 17 cm

£ 11.00