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"United Colors" theme - crockery

Unbreakable melamine crockery - United Colors

Collection of unbreakable crockery in colored melamine

A collection of melamine dishes in red, blue, green and yellow colors

The blue, yellow, green and coral shades of the United Colors range will brighten up any dining table, whether it's a multi-colored tableware or tables decorated with patterned tableware.

Mix colors to create unique tables !

Pack melamine crockery United Colors theme / Glasses (-50%)
Be prepared for the beautiful weather, summer has arrived! Benefit from a pack with melamine crockery: 8 large, unbreakable and colorful plates: red coral, blue, green and yellow. Enjoy also 8 acrylic and unbreakable glasses at a discount of -50%. Essential for your outside summer meals. 

£ 162.20
(-26.02%) £ 120.00