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Waterproof picnic blankets 140 cm x 140 cm

Our picnic blankets

There is nothing more practical for a picnic than a blanket with a waterproof backing !

Red an white waterproof picnic blankets for a chic picnic

Our picnic blankets are made of cotton and have a waterproof backing. They can be washed in a washing machine on the gentle cycle. For our Teflon coated picnic blankets, simply clean by wiping with a sponge.

NEW : XL Blankets for a huge picnic, always with a waterproof backing 140 cm x 280 cm. Your table is still wet because of the morning  dew ? No problem !

Waterproof picnic blanket red and white (140 x 140 cm)
Perfect for a group
 Blanket dimensions : 140 x 140 cm 
Adapts to surfaces 

£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket burgundy red with white polka dots (140 x 140 cm)
Great for lunch

100% waterproof

Allows to sit with several
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket red and white gingham squares (140 x 140 cm)
Perfect for picnic with friends
Adapts to different surfaces
100 % waterproof
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket dark green gingham (140 x 140 cm)
Nice for picnic outings
Easy to wash
Average height
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket "Marine" (140 x 140 cm)
Suitable for 3/4 people
Adheres perfectly to the grass
Marine theme
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket blue and white striped (140 x 140 cm)
White tablecloth perfect for grass picnics

Adapted for a large area

Tablecloth adapted for different people (140 x 140 cm)

£ 27.95
Waterproof picnic blanket sky blue and white (140 x 140 cm)
Waterproof and practical classic tablecloth

Perfect waterproof for yours picnic

Dimensions : 140 x 140 cm

£ 27.95
Waterproof picnic blanket beige and white stripes (140 x 140 cm)
A picnic blanket with a beige and white stripes fabric and a waterproof backing.
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket beige (140 x 140 cm)
The beige color adapts easily

It is a practical accessory

His cotton is very resistant

£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket beige with white polka dots (140 x 140 cm)
Medium size tablecloth
Soft to the touch
Perfect for grass

£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket "Concorde" (140 x 140 cm)
Cotton tablecloth

Perfect for picnics with friends and family

Good size tablecloth (140 x 140 cm)

£ 27.95
Tablecloth - picnic rug Versailles gray with waterproof lapel (140 x 140 cm)
 An elegant picnic blanket with waterproof backing

 This picnic rug is the essential accessory to the 
picnic basket "Versailles"

 For 2 to 4 people
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket white (140 x 140 cm)
Very high quality

Perfect tablecloth waterproofing for your picnics

Created for groups (140 x 140 cm)

£ 29.95
Grey Picnic Rug "Versailles" - Waterproof backing (140 x 140 cm)
An elegant grey picnic blanket, with waterproof backing. This picnic rug is the essential accessory to the picnic basket "Versailles".
£ 25.50