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Waterproof picnic blankets 140 cm x 140 cm

Our picnic blankets

There is nothing more practical for a picnic than a blanket with a waterproof backing !

Red an white waterproof picnic blankets for a chic picnic

Our picnic blankets are made of cotton and have a waterproof backing. They can be washed in a washing machine on the gentle cycle. For our Teflon coated picnic blankets, simply clean by wiping with a sponge.

NEW : XL Blankets for a huge picnic, always with a waterproof backing 140 cm x 280 cm. Your table is still wet because of the morning  dew ? No problem !

Waterproof picnic blanket red and white (140 x 140 cm)
 A red and white checked tablecloth with a waterproof backing

 The reference picnic accessory for sunny afternoons

 Perfect for lunch outdoors, its material keeps you dry!
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket burgundy red with white polka dots (140 x 140 cm)
 This beautiful picnic tablecloth is a bright red colour with white polka dots

 Waterproof cotton and polyester tablecloth to stay dry even on wet grass

 Can be placed directly on the ground or on a garden table
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket red and white gingham squares (140 x 140 cm)
 A picnic tablecloth with small red gingham checks and a waterproof backing

 The essential accessory for a successful picnic in the countryside with friends

 This magnificent tablecloth can accommodate up to 4 people (140 x 140 cm)
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket dark green gingham (140 x 140 cm)
 Very nice tablecloth "dark green gingham" style ... It is perfect for afternoons with friends!

 This tablecloth is essential for all your picnics on the grass to complement your basket

 The big advantage of our tablecloths is that one side is super-impermeable and the other side is made of cotton ...
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket white and blue tiles (140 x 140 cm)
 A blue and white check picnic tablecloth 

It has a waterproof backing that is very easy to clean.

 Easy to transport thanks to its integrated tablecloth holder

£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket blue and white striped (140 x 140 cm)
 This is a beautiful tablecloth made of high quality cotton with a waterproof backing

 The indispensable accessory for grass picnics and garden tables

 This medium-size tablecloth will accompany you everywhere to stay dry

£ 27.95
Waterproof picnic blanket sky blue and white (140 x 140 cm)
 High quality cotton tablecloth is perfect for picnics with friends and family

 It can also be used on a garden table to avoid staining them

 For a complete experience, use it with our picnic baskets

£ 27.95
Waterproof picnic blanket beige and white stripes (140 x 140 cm)
A picnic tablecloth in beige and white fabric with a waterproof backing

 It is the perfect accessory to go outdoors with several people

 Its style comes from the fabric used for our "Polo Club" picnic basket
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket beige (140 x 140 cm)
Magnificent beige tablecloth with waterproof backing, ideal when it is placed on a table

 Perfect to be laid on the floor... It will allow you to sit on the grass with your friends! 

 Its beige colour is neutral and pure for a discreet and sophisticated design
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket beige with white polka dots (140 x 140 cm)
This pretty tablecloth does not get wet thanks to a waterproof cotton and polyester backing

 Its design is refined with a discreet colour, beige, and white polka dots

 It is a very chic and pure tablecloth ideal for 2 to 4 people (140 x 140 cm)
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket "Concorde" (140 x 140 cm)
 Our beige tablecloth "Concorde" has a discreet style and waterproof lapels!

 Its packaging is easy to transport and goes very well with the "Concorde" picnic baskets

 This accessory is very practical thanks to its waterproofness, which keeps you dry
£ 27.95
Tablecloth - picnic rug Versailles gray with waterproof lapel (140 x 140 cm)
 The picnic tablecloth "Versailles" has a square shape for 4 people! 

To facilitate its transport and use, it has a stratch tablecloth holder. 

 If you love going outdoors you'll love this practical accessory
£ 25.50
Waterproof picnic blanket white (140 x 140 cm)

 This tablecloth with its classic and pure style is perfect for social occasions

 Its impermeability will prevent you from getting wet on the grass

 The size of your accessory will allow you to welcome your friends for a country picnic!


£ 29.95
Grey Picnic Rug "Versailles" - Waterproof backing (140 x 140 cm)
This picnic tablecloth / plaid has been made in natural colours

 For optimal use, take your picnic baskets out with you

 It is the elegant and practical addition to outdoor dining
£ 25.50
(-20.00%) £ 20.40