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Waterproof picnic blankets 280 cm x 140 cm

Our picnic blankets with a waterproof backing
280 x 140cm

Beige, red check and blue striped waterproof picnic tablecloth

There is nothing more practical for a picnic than a blanket with a waterproof backing !

Discover our 280 x 140 cm cotton picnic tablecloths with a waterproof polyester backing. Fall for the essential accessory for all outdoor lunches: on the wet grass, the fine sand or on the garden table, choose a comfortable and sophisticatedpicnic tablecloth from Jardins de la Comtesse.

Equipped with a tablecloth holder, our picnic blankets have been designed to facilitate your outdoor activities.They can be washed in a washing machine on the gentle cycle. For our Teflon coated picnic blankets, simply clean by wiping with a sponge. Your picnic blanket will satisfy groups of 6 to 10 people. Red, blue, stripes, peas, gingham… Choose the model you like the most !

Waterproof picnic blanket big red squares XXL (280 x 140 cm)
• This beautiful tablecloth is very comfortable to dress without moderation

• Its waterproof lapel keeps you dry when you travel

• A family format, ideal for large, colourful tables (280 x 140 cm)
43.00 €(£ 36.76)
Waterproof picnic blanket with big blue tiles XXL (280 x 140 cm)
• Perfect XXL picnic with friends or family

• The object that makes the difference

• Large size (140 x 280 cm)

43.00 €(£ 36.76)
Waterproof picnic blanket "Marine" XXL (280 x 140 cm)
• Large marine picnic tablecloth with waterproof lapel (280 x 140 cm)

• This large tablecloth is suitable for the whole family to go out in the fresh air

• Ideal on the garden table or on the ground, for a picnic on the grass
43.00 €(£ 36.76)
Waterproof picnic blanket blue and white with stripes XXL (280 x 140 cm)

• This is a beautiful tablecloth made of high quality cotton with a waterproof polyester backing

• This accessory is essential for all your picnics on grass to avoid soiling.

• This tablecloth is large (280 x 140 cm) with a blue and white striped style


43.00 €(£ 36.76)
Waterproof picnic blanket “Polo Club” XXL (280 x 140 cm)
• The tablecloth size XL "Polo Club" will match perfectly with the basket of the same name ! 

• Ideal for large picnics with family or friends (up to 6 people)

• One of the characteristics of this tablecloth is that it is very easy to wash! 

43.00 €(£ 36.76)
Waterproof picnic blanket "Concorde" XXL (280 x 140 cm)
• XL tablecloth perfect for a big picnic

• Large waterprooftablecloth (140 x 280 cm)

• Cotton tablecloth with waterproof backing

43.00 €(£ 36.76)
Grey picnic blanket “Versailles”, waterproof backing (280 x 140 cm)
• This large rectangular picnic tablecloth (280 x 140 cm) has a waterproof backing

• Clever and practical, this accessory can accommodate up to 8 people!

• If you like to go outdoors and pose on the grass you will love this accessory!
43.00 €(£ 36.76)