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Picnic accessories

All our picnic accessories

The Jardins de la Comtesse is presenting its picnic accessories, indispensable for your picnic! 

Offer to yourself the best accessories for an accomplished picnic or you can make pleasure by offering them, a original and great presents which are suitable for every moment. 

Metal thermos
Metal thermos, solid and practical.
15.00 €(£ 13.64)
Metal coffee cup - 8 cm
Metal cup, ideal for outdoor lunches - Height 8cm
4.40 €(£ 4.00)
The Urban Trekking picnic cooler is an ideal complement for your gourmet getaways. This cooler cooler will allow you to keep all your food cool.
23.00 €(£ 20.91)
(-18.48%) 18.75 €(£ 17.05)
Glass Holders
The perfect complement for your picnic or drinks…
19.90 €(£ 18.10)