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Picnic baskets for 2

Picnic baskets / hampers for 2 persons

romantic picnic basket at the hotel Montmartre in Paris

There is nothing more romantic than a picnic for 2...

 No need to bring your half to a starred restaurant to please him. Dare to have a romantic picnic in an idyllic place such as the Montmartre hotel in Paris.

A picnic basket 2 people is the ideal gift for lovers, for a wedding or a retirement.

Les Jardins de la Comtesse offer picnic baskets for 2 people originaux either at the level of the tissues or at the level of their forms.

Our picnic baskets 2 people are natural wicker.

They are all sold with their dishes for 2 people (plates, cutlery, glasses, accessories...).

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Saumur" picnic basket with shoulder strap – for 2 people
A picnic basket in the shape of a shell made of antiqued wicker making it truly a unique item. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.
£ 78.80
Picnic Basket Marine for 2 people
A complete and elegant natural off-white patina wicker basket  ...
£ 86.00
Love picnic basket - 2 people
This elegant weathered wicker and white rope picnic basket is the dream gift for a romantic getaway.
£ 78.00
Chaumont Picnic Basket for 2 people
An elegant picnic basket with a rope decoration for sharing a refined picnic for two…
£ 75.00
‘Chambord’ round picnic basket - for 2 people
Our brand-new 2 person picnic basket! The Chambord is unique because it’s round. That’s a first for our baskets!
£ 79.50
Picnic basket for 2 people with melamine plates - ‘Bel Air’
This new 2 person picnic basket is called Bel Air. It has 2 melamine plates with tropical patterns.
£ 82.50
Amboise Picnic Basket
This dark wicker picnic basket will meet all your needs for road trips, thanks to its very practical shape.
£ 78.00
Saint-Michel Picnic Basket for 2 people

The most authentic natural wicker picnic basket for 2 people

£ 58.00
Prestige Champs-Elysées Picnic Hamper for 2 people
One of our most beautiful picnic baskets, it is made of honey-colored wicker and leather.
£ 155.00
Wicker and leather picnic trunk in blue - ‘Champs-Elysées’ - for 2
A beautiful wicker and leather picnic basket for 2. Now available in blue. It is the perfect basket for a luxury picnic.
£ 155.00
‘Cream Trianon’ leather picnic basket – for 2 people
A chic picnic basket made with unique expertise: with an off-white washable fabric and leather straps.
£ 112.50
‘Solid Red Trianon’ Leather Picnic Basket – for 2 people
The Trianon line of Picnic Baskets has grown with this new Solid Red Trianon for 2 people.
£ 112.50